Welcome to the journey through the beautiful and poetic country of Afghanistan

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"If God were not forgiving, heaven would be empty"

- Imazighen proverb (via halalboy)

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Kuchi Nomads in Nimruz province, Afghanistan.

The Story:

Shahrbanoo (called Shahr by friends) wants to tell a completely different story about Afghanistan from the one you are used to hearing.  
Wolf and Sheep will be this - a creative and poetic portrait of the rural community where Shahr grew up. A place where children must work all day but still have a childhood. A place where a wolf wanders around on two legs. Wolf and Sheep will be a film that mixes the realist with the magic in an experimental way. 

Wolf and Sheep will be the first art-house film in Afghan cinema - EVER! 

Moreover, the film will be a close up of an Afghan society from the point of view of a young female filmmaker. This film is very important for recreating Afghan film culture. 

But without your support this film will not happen - so please browse through the amazing rewards and choose your way of support. Thank you!

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I really pray that Afghanistan’s leader take control of OUR OWN resources rather than getting in bed with foreigners and selling our people out.
One of the most poorest nations on Earth has the richest minerals. A recipe for disaster.

The nature of Afghans

"I am involved in the land of a Leonine (lion-like) and brave people where every foot of the ground is like a wall of steel,confronting my solidier.
You have brought only one Alexander into the world ,but every mother in this land has brought an Alexander in the World.”
- Alexander the Great , on a letter to his mother while in current day Afghanistan

When people describe the nature of Afghans,the world warriors is always a Must. A nation that has always been plagued by wars and invasions and yet the courage and bravery of our people never ceases to amaze me. Afghans dont fight for money or resources,they fight for their land, for their people, and for their religion. And thats what makes them undefeated and unconquerable.

"د تورو جنګ وای مابه وکړی
د نصیب جنګ دی وارخطا ولاړه یمه"


If it was a battle of swords, I would’ve fought it
But it’s a battle of fate and so I am awaiting anxiously. 

- Pashto Landay (Landays are couplets written by anonymous authors about love, defeat, treason, patriotism and other topics. They are passed on through hearsay and in literature and music.)

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Afghanistan by Ellen Jaskol
By Ellen Jaskol
"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation."

Afghan school Girls by Ellen Jaskol

"Be patient, even if every possibility seems closed."

- Rumi ~ رومى

heyruthy671 asked: Your blog is so beautiful and importNt. Thank you for giving us a glimpse.

Thank you my dear. I really appreciate it!
Peace be upon you


One of the best scenes in film history.

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