Welcome to the journey through the beautiful and poetic country of Afghanistan

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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I will meet you there"

- Jalaluddin Rumi


Humans of Kabul

  1. "Why did you decide to stay in Afghanistan to go to university, when you could have studied in the U.S. on a scholarship?"
    "This is Afghanistan and I am an Afghan - I feel like not all of us should leave! I was happy to get a scholarship from an American university, but it was a dream come true when I received a full scholarship from a private Afghan university. I believe that there is so much I can learn and do if I am in Afghanistan. I can volunteer, I can pass on what I learn, I can be an activist, I can protect rights, I can vote, I can develop a business, I can make the unheard voice heard … and so much more!"
  2. "The happiest day of my life was when the Taliban left Kabul. I came out of my house and there were Afghan soldiers on the streets keeping the peace."
  3. "So what is the best part about the zoo?" 
    "I work for the Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan, so I want my children to have the chance to learn about the animals." 
  4. "What advice do you have for parents?"
    "I advise all parents to give their children education. Do not let them work for money when they are young."
  5. “So, can you tell me what you’re doing here?”
    “This bike riding club is to encourage girls to ride here in Kabul. There are so many girls that won’t bike because they think that the culture won’t allow for it, and so they have to walk for long distances instead. Also, there’s not a lot of sports facilities for women, so biking is a great option to exercise.”
  6. Little humans of Kabul. They love that lion statue at the Kabul Zoo …
  7. "What’s your favorite part about flying kites?
    "Fighting other kites!"
  8. "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
    "A journalist. Like my mom."

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Eid Mubarak عید مُبارک 

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Eid!


Cuisine of Afghanistan

Aushak, Kabuli palaw, Bolani, Naan, Borani banjan, Chapli kabab, Mantoo, Aush, Gosh-e-feel, Haft mewa.

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A woman is painting Ahmad Zahir -  Kabul, Afghanistan

"I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within"

- Rumi


40 Dukhtaro
40 Dukhtaro (the 40 girls) is the famous story of the 40 Hazara daughters that committed suicide rather then handing themselves over to the forces of the ruler of Kabul, Amir Abdur Rahman Khan, during 1890′s mass murder of Hazaras in Central Afghanistan. Read More. 
Painting by Afghan artist Hassan Ali Latif. 



Men in Prayer - Afghanistan x

—-one of my favourite photosets. 

I love Afghanistan.


A Khamsah with illustrations ascribed to the painter Bihzad (Add. 25900) -f.245v
Khamsah -illustration added from Tabriz 1530-40  British library 
See more at: http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/asian-and-african/2014/07/a-khamsah-ascribed-to-the-painter-bihzad-add-25900.html?


Afghanistan has been noted to be one of the worst places to be a child, due to it’s war torn history. Child labour has significantly increased. If they do not work and earn what little they make, then they simply cannot eat. Please keep Afghanistan’s little angels in your prayers this Ramadan.

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-AFGHANISTAN- Nuristani villager, Nuristan province. 1992.
Photograph by Steve McCurry.

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