Welcome to the journey through the beautiful and poetic country of Afghanistan

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Qais Essar | The Light Body : Part I/III : Etheric

from THE GREEN LANGUAGE filmed in Lake Qargha, Kabul, Afghanistan film by: sulyman qardash

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"For me, north, south, Persian, Pashto is absolutely meaningless. In our home we talk in every language"

- Ahmad Shah Massoud  (via landofthelions)

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Over 100 Afghan civilians brutally massacred in eastern Afghanistan      


According to local reports, around 800 Taliban fighters including 200 non-Afghan fighters have captured the Ajristan district of Ghazni province in eastern Afghanistan. The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have attempted to seize back the district in gun battle, but the Taliban continue to retaliate and have slaughtered over 100 civilians in the district so far. The clashes intensified since Thursday and major transport routes have been closed by Taliban fighters. The majority of the local residents sought refuge in the hills. 

A local security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity said the Taliban execution of civilians in Ajristan has resemblance to Islamic State (IS) killings in Iraq. Local officials state these Taliban fighters are linked with IS fighters and have even raised the flag of the IS in various districts of Ghazni. IS phamplets (titled Fata, meaning ‘victory’) have been distributed in eastern Afghanistan and in Afghan refugee camps in northern Pakistan. Right now, around 300 Arab and Pakistani fighters and several members of the Haqqani network, the Taliban and the IS as well as Turkish suicide bombers are operating within Ghazni.

97 % of the population in Ajristan are Pashtuns, and the remaining 3 % are Hazaras. We may never know the names of the innocent civilians who were killed in the massacre, but we do know their ethnicities.

May the people of Ajristan and the rest of Afghanistan know peace again. 

The Taliban beheaded another 15 civilians and burned down 70 civilian homes in Ajristan. Dozens of innocent men, women and children have been killed in just five days. The people of Ajristan have gotten no help (rescue helicopters, aid) so far. Some of the locals in Ajristan have taken the matter into their own hands and hung 4 Taliban militants to death, though they are still in dire need of help. 


Portrait of an Afghan student by Peggy Kelsey

cfanessa asked: What made you decide to post this page of photo on Afghanistan to begin with👌👏💞. I am not of the culture nor the faith just a human, learning to understand cultures(;*


Hi :) I’m originally from Afghanistan but have been away from the country for most of my life. Growing up away from Afghanistan, all I knew of the place was my parents’ memories and what I saw on TV. Even though I had a different vision of Afghanistan through my parents’ memories, the images of the country that were engraved in my mind were that shown by the media -  war, terror and poverty. I came across a photo essay from Boston’s The Big Picture on Afghan’s and their daily life. I was so taken aback by the images… I saw beauty, I saw livelihood, I saw a place that was so hidden and blanketed by war that even I, as an Afghan, didn’t have a sense of its reality. I knew then that more people had to see this side of the country, that no amount of struggle, war and poverty should cover the humanness that exists in our societies. 

So that’s pretty much why I decided to make a page and dedicate it to show a positive side of the country. Not to be blinded to the realities of the struggles that Afghanistan and her people go through but to shift the focus and spread  images of everyday Afghans and the beauty of Afghanistan and by doing so, bring hope for a better Afghanistan in peoples’ minds and hearts. 


An Afghan girl reads from a booklet in an undated photo.
The portrait on the wall is from an iconic 1985 National Geographic magazine cover. It took 17 years to determine the name of the girl in the portrait: Sharbat Gula

By: Fardin Waezi

Photo by: Jawad Hamdard Kia

by Steve Mccurry

no, really.

vintage tourism poster
Muhammad Ali in Kabul
Afghan Boy by Christina Feldt

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